In the Beginning. . .Day one

I’ve begun my internship at King Middle School here is my thoughts on the first couple of days:
At the front of each room are four large posters – each with one word,:Compassion, Perseverance, Responsibility, Respect
On Tuesday (Monday was a snow day) there was lots going on. The Culminating Event was two days away for their “Warming Waters” Exhibition, the focus is climate change. Everyone was scrambling to get things finished, organized, and together. Here is how the day went:
First, of two, bell rings
Homeroom-announcements are read in class, the PA system is only used for emergencies.
House meeting– teachers and students get together and talk about the next couple days and the goals for those days and of course the looming culminating event.
Class – One student practices her speech that she will deliver during the event. The class is amazingly quiet and attentive during this. Students entering the class wait patiently by the door for her to finish, minimizing the disruption they cause.
Then the students are given blog time – they read and respond to posts from . M and each other.
After that work turns to essay they wrote related to the Warming Waters and getting an ecerpt ready for their product ( a poster showcasing their experience and all the content areas)
Snack time – a 10 min break
Class – work on essay and poster
Lunch – Ms. M hosts a Writers Group. Students come to her room and, while they eat lunch, share written work and give feedback on it.
House Meeting – Each house has the freedom to arrange their schedule as they wish. In this meeting of all the teachers in the House they talk about the schedule for Wednesday. It will include a run through of the event and then support for students who have not finished their product.
Second, and Last, Bell signifying the end of school

I enjoyed not having bells ringing throughout the day.
I spent most of my time helping kids edit their L/A portion of their expedition product. Many were very good, not what I expected from seventh graders, especially compared to some of the work I saw in my twelfth grade placement. To be fair, the work I saw was 3rd, 4th, or 5th drafts of their essay.
I’m amazed at how well behaved the kids are.
I like the collaboration between disciplines.
I think I’m really going to like this placement.


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