The Day before (Day 2)

The day before the culminating event! Very busy.
Here is what I noticed:
The students are given a good deal of trust and, therefore, freedom. Kids sign themselves in and out of class to use the bathroom without needing to ask.
Kids are in and out of classrooms as the need, I imagine that this is mostly due to the Expedition project. They need to see each content teacher before they can digitally drop their product as a PDF into the digital drop box to be printed, assembled, and laminated.
Yesterday during the house meeting the teachers arranged the schedule, no classes met today. We prepared for a dry run and then went for it. The practice went well, I think that the rehearsal is helpful for some students. Afterwards kids were split into groups based on how close to being finished they were. By 12:30ish only a handful of kids were not done yet.
Those who were done began a movie before lunch and returned to it after lunch.
Some talk about the next expedition arose, possibly around Civil/Human Rights and/or peaceful protesting and avenues of change. Pre and post war times would be the focus rather than the war itself. The second expedition will start after February Break.

I am still amazed at how well behaved the students are. Very small problems only, but mostly good-natured – I saw no real meanness between students. I wonder what, if anything, will chang when regular classes begin again.


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