Day one of Lead Teaching – BTCS & Speak

Yikes it’s been awhile since I posted last. I’ve been busy with planning for lead teaching, designing a course, and creating a webquest.
Today was the first day of my lead teaching. I did not see two of the classes because of BTCS [Bettering yourself Through Community Service,Ii think], the students leave the building and walk to a location that is related to a social service and help out in whatever way they are needed. I had my own group today [for the first time] and we went to Garry’s House. This is a place for family to stay when a loved one is in the hospital. Each time the kids come here [where they go rotates] they make some kine of baked good. Today they made cookies, brownies, and cake. The nine students split into groups of three and went to work. The young men who were making the cookies had a very good time. The dough was very thick. Another student tried to help mix with a wooden spoon that snapped – half in her hand and half in the dough. It was entertainment for all!

Back at school. . .
The first class I had went exactly as I planned. I told them the plan for the class and began. I had them write the reading assignment in their agenda as I passed out the handout. I explained the hand out and how it related to the book we are starting. As they fill out the handout I pass out books, taking note of book number and student. We discuss the handout and make predictions based on the cover of the book, which I have projected on the wall. We go to lunch and come back for the rest of the class [a weird scheduling occurrence I know] during which I play the audio book as they read along. My supervisor arrives for my formal observation early and sees 18 kids reading along intently to the audio.

Class two, and the subject of my supervisors observation, does not go as planned.
That is not to say it went bad. I began the same way, however, I was only able to pass out about 6-8 books before everyone was done. I thought, and said to the class, I’ll finish
while you’re listening to the audio version. We then spent until five minutes before the end of class talking about half of the handout. The conversation was great, and during the post conference with my supervisor I realized I had heard from every student. They were totally fired up about the discussion and when I moved to the next item on the handout with 5-6 hands still up a collective “awww’ was heard. I explained [again] that we would see all of these topics in the book. The faces on the kids faces at that moment was priceless, and I knew they were hooked! I didn’t get all the books handed out in time, a student stayed and helped get books out to the rest of the class.

Last block today was a study hall. I had 7 kids come in from classes that hadn’t met today and ask if they could get the book. Word had spread!

It will be interesting how the other two classes go.


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