Evidence – Take 3&4

Wow, that went poorly. Kids were tired and confused. I didn’t tell them when they would need this – HS, college
I had them work in groups but i’m not sure that that was the best way. The other classes seemed to get it more, maybe that was because i talked to fewer students than i did today. It was like pulling teeth. It also took most of long block – I’ll have to give them blog time tomarrow because they didn’t get the time i had planned on giving them today.

I’ve got one more chance with this lesson, I think I’ll save the group work for the last item on the handout and do the first two as a group. I’ve written a quote and almost a paragraph that makes the connection between the quote and statement on the board and covered them up. After we’ve brainstormed I’ll reveal my work and let them copy. I will also read examples of good work from other classes. I have to collect their questions too – this class will be crunched for time too I think, especially because of lunch taking place in the middle of class.


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