Back to school, Ring the bell

Back to school. A collective groan escapes from school aged kids everywhere. A collective cheer erupts from parents. While today isn’t the first day of school for teachers, that will come on Wednesday, it is close enough as I am here for a training on the new grading program.
All summer I’ve struggled to get out of bed and regain consciousness, and not because of any revelry the night before. This morning however, I awoke before my alarm and when it went off a couple minutes later at 5:30 I practically leapt out of bed (much to the discomfiture of my sleeping wife). I have known what I am about to reveal before this but today really cemented it – I love my job. I can not wait to get started. Nevermind the fact that my room is only marginally set up, I have a curriculum to follow this year (I wish I had it last year when I started but that is moot at this point), and my websites I use in class are not really ready (kids won’t get their laptops till the end of Sept anyway). A new group of kids and the chance to improve on what I did last year is really appealing to me right about now.
Does this mean that in June I won’t be ready for summer? Well. . . no it doesn’t. One thing that I think most people don’t realize about teaching is the amount of TIME and EFFORT that goes into it. Luckily I love my job so it doesn’t seem like work, in fact I call it going to school. This will seem cheesy, but calling it that makes sense, because I do learn something each day I am here.


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