Message to Senators Snowe and Collins

I just sent this message to each of my Senators, Snowe and Collins, I urge you to do the same.

I want to urge you to vote for the public option plan.I am a public school teacher and have health care – but until I became a teacher I was uninsured and rarely went to the doctor. I believe that this is a crucial time and a crucial issue for the future of health care and of our nation. The political posturing needs to be put aside and progress needs to be made on this important issue. I believe that a public option is required for actual reform to occur, without it I believe that, after some initial hoopla, things will go back to business as usual for the health care companies. It makes sense to me to have this competition introduced in the health care arena to show the companies that dominate it today that the American people are not happy with the status quo, are not happy with the increasing price of care (which rises faster than inflation), are not happy with having to choose between health care and the mortgage (or some other basic need demand). I think it is time that America takes care of itself and each other – please vote for the public option.
Thank you.


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