When my students are assigned to write a poem I do as well. Here they are three of them I will add the acrostic and chain poem (I don’t have copies of them here with me):

Trees sway in the breeze
Thoughts drift lazily on by
Clouds look down at me

Words and thoughts do whirl around in my head
Jumbled, mixed up, how can I get them out
Onto paper this assignment I end
I can’t rush, words have much power and clout
Throwing words onto page haphazardly
May work for some to get the job done
Thought, effort, time and trials are for me
That is how Mr. Pirkl writes a poem, son.
Meaning and rhymes come together at last
Once I start words onto the page do flow
Stumbling and struggling to get past
My fingers to the keys almost finished so,
Line thirteen goes down don’t start yet to clap
It’s a sonnet so you all have to snap!

A Poem with a Simile and Metaphor
Rolling waves of brown, white, black, and gold;
Barking, drooling, fetching, and chasing each other
Having fun, like small children on a playground
Dogs: all shapes and sizes, young and old;
At the dog park playing with my canine brother
Circling the benches on a merry go round

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