More Poems by Pirkl

If you haven’t read the first poetry post you should, but if you refuse you should know that I wrote these poems because I assigned my students to write them.

Mr is my first name
Reading is a favorite past time
Photography is enjoyable
Interested in many things
Really into tech toys
Kind of odd sometimes

This is based on free association. You start with one word (Bananas in this case) and free associate a list of words. You then use that list of words to create a poem, using the first word somewhere in the first line, the second word somewhere in the second line and so on.

I’m going bananas I think
memories peel away like
ninjas slipping through
the ice cold night
skating on the surface
like a mug of hot chocolate full
of marshmallows

This poem was done with this magnetic poetry site and was just for fun.

translucent yesterday
slow flowering
prisoner of yourself
pierce this sad secret
trust the sacred window

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