And a Cookie Shall Lead Them

I wrote this on October 14th, 2009 during a literacy conference. The prompt was to write a “This I believe”. This I believe is an NPR program, click the link and read/listen to a couple they range from hilarious to heartbreaking. I thought I’d share mine with you. I hope you like it.

“It had to be you. . . . it had to be you” I held out the warm cookie at arms length as I swung in circles and sung to it, melted chocolate splattering the walls. I believe in chocolate chip cookies. Just out of the oven warm with the chips a little melty, it’s like a hug for your taste buds – a part of your body that is sorely overlooked in the hug department. It is also a metaphysical hug for your soul. Can you eat a chocolate chip cookie and stay mad? I dare you to try, it may take more than one but they will overcome the anger. It’s uplifting, chocolate does contain caffeine and releases feel good endorphins, no one bites into a delicious chocolate chip cookie and frowns. You cannot help but feel good while eating a ccc.

I believe that sharing a chocolate chip cookie is a very personal and intimate act. Unless you have one of the oversized platter sized cookies, it’s tantamount to giving away a little bit of paradise – what could be more personal then that.  When you find someone who will break their cookie in half and share it with you, you have found a true friend – a keeper. Even if the half that is shared is the smaller of the two, that person is still a cut above the rest and  should be celebrated. If that person gives you the larger half – well then you have found a truly generous soul. For those who will not share, this speaks volumes about that person’s personality and world philosophy. I bet George W. not only doesn’t share his cookie but wants the cookies of the people around him too and is willing to invade their plate to get them.

I believe that ambassadors, hostage negotiators, and anybody that brings bad news to people should be trained in the baking of chocolate chip cookies.

I believe that chocolate chip cookies, like people, vary from cookie to cookie in size, shape, color, and texture but all have the same basic ingredients, are good when freshly baked and if they’ve been around for a while, are best when accepted with love, and dunked in milk.

I believe that chocolate chip cookies can make the world a warmer, larger, meltier, and more delicious place.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Chris P. on December 6, 2009 at 9:53 pm

    I never said I was an atheist, I believe in lots of things (so I'm a polytheist?) and cookies will always rank highly!!


  2. Posted by delta on December 6, 2009 at 8:57 pm

    If you believe in chocolate chip cookies, does that still make you an atheist? Doesn't that make you a cookie-theist? 🙂 Miss ya!


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