What I’m reading continued

Scorpia (Alex Rider, #5) by Anthony Horowitz; Ark Angel (Alex Rider, #6) by Anthony Horowitz; Earthseed by Pamela Sargent; The Alchemyst (Nicholas Flamel, #1) by Michael Scott; The Magician (Nicholas Flamel, #2) by Michael Scott. Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Both of the Alex Rider books, and I didn’t read #’s 2-4, are definatly geared towards a younger audience. They are James Bond Jr. books, and I’m sure that most 9-13 year olds, mostly boys, will really like these. I burned through them pretty quickly but didn’t think they were a waste of my time – more about this in a minute.

Earthseed was loaned to me by another teacher who shares my interest in the sci-fi genre. Like most of the books I read now, kids play the lead role. Sent into space to give humanity a chance to start again these computer raised youths find out exactly what it means to be human. I’m told that this is part of a series, and that many years come between books. I would recommend this for adults and young adults.

The Nicolas Flamel books have been very interesting to read. Many of the main characters are based on real people and the facts and mysteries surrounding them are non-fiction as well; historical fantasy I guess you’d call it. A set of twins find out that the odd couple that own the book store are much older than they look and have some pretty cool abilities. Flamel is the keeper of the book and believes that his employee and and twin sister are those that were prophesized. The problem is that the Elders that have been chasing Flamel in search of the book are closing in and the twins must be “awakened”. Very cool story and I’m itching to get my hands on the third in the series.

I just finished Hunger Games yesterday; it was much better than I thought it was going to be. Children are pit against each other in what are called ‘games’ that the rest of the oppressed population is forced to watch as a demonstration, and reminder, of the ruling class’ power over them. Another series that I’m anxious to continue.

Now you may be asking, Chris, you real a lot of kids books. That is true, I do. I try to read all the things that the eighth graders are reading. Boys especially can be difficult to find a book for. I do admit that I don’t read as many of the books that the girls are reading. I was ‘helped’ out during the book fair and expanded the number of books that appeal to female readers that appear on my shelves. I am running out of books so I imagine that I will start in on those soon.

I welcome any suggestions for books I would like, books you like, books that 13-14yr olds would like.


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