Review – “Tenth Grade Bleeds” by Heather Brewer

Tenth Grade Bleeds (The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod, #3) Tenth Grade Bleeds by Heather Brewer

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’m enjoying this series. It’s lighthearted with a side of darkness thrown in. Vlad is finally coming into his powers – strength, speed – and is forced to use them against another vampire. He also gives in to his vampiric nature and feeds on a goth girl named Snow. Now he has two drudges. He his careful to give Snow the order not to tell anyone, Vlad accepts her offer to feed again and whenever else he’d like. The end of the book leaves us with the image of Tod feeding on Snow and thinking that he will tell no one, that it will be a temporary solution to curbing his hunger.

The tension is built up very well, will Vlad bite Meredith? Will he release Henry from being his drudge? Will Otis come back? These, among others, are the things that weigh most heavily on Vlad’s mind. Interestingly, to this reader, they are not his biggest problems. This shows how Brewer is able to portray, very realistically, a teenage boy. At the heart of the story is a boy who is different and wants to fit in – most teens can identify with that. The fact that he’s a vampire just makes it more poignant.

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