Review – “Watership Down” by Richard Adams

Watership Down (Scribner Classics) Watership Down by Richard Adams

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
The main characters, Hazel, Fiver, and Bigwig, along with some other rabbits leave their home based on the ‘feeling’ that Fiver has about some impending danger. Fiver is the mystic, often having feeling/visions that Hazel has to convince others to heed. The group meets other warrens (a rabbit home} and rabbits that live very differently than Hazel’s band of bunnies.

I knew that this book was about rabbits. That is all I knew however. Despite having rabbits as the main characters and the plot centered on finding a new home this book was interesting. The characters are well-developed and have personality. There is a great deal of information about rabbits that Adams included (including quotes that precede chapters from a book about rabbits) that add to the realism of the story. The story has enough action and suspense to keep you turning the page. It is very easy to pick out the themes of freedom vs. safety, leadership vs. tyranny, and being oneself. Overall an enjoyable read.

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