Barking at the door

This is my dog Henry. Yes I know he’s super cute. He is also super well-behaved. And super awesome. In fact, Awesome is his middle name, seriously it is. Jennie gave the cat her middle name, Daisy Ann, one day as she was yelling at her it just came our, anyway that being the case, I decided that it was only fair that I got to give the dog his. He isn’t without his quirks though. To exit the kitchen he has to take the long way via around the table. He believes he is much smaller than his 90 lbs or so and makes a habit of jumping on our laps while we are on the couch. He leans; if you are petting him make sure to bend your knees and plant your feet, otherwise you’re getting pushed over. He isn’t trying to push you over he just likes to cuddle. Another peculiarity came to my attention the last few times I’ve let him in from the back yard. He will usually bark once or twice to let us know he’s ready to come in. The funny thing is, when I go to let him in, he’s facing away from the door like he’s trying to figure out who just barked and seems surprised to see me at the door! He comes in and sits down, a habit we got him into during wet/muddy weather, and I give him a hug, which he loves and snuggles his nose and face into me. The hug serves two purposes; 1. It’s a hug, he’s cute and likes it, 2. Because he likes it he is very responsive to being called in if he needs to come in before he’s done doing whatever it is he busies himself with (it probably involves patrolling the yard in his self-appointed role of ‘hater of the squirells’). I believe that he is hurt if we are in a rush and just have him come in without a hug or some attention. I mean, just look at those eyes.


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