I believe that:

  • The purpose of schools is to have students leave high school with their own unique perspective that has been nurtured and encouraged to grow within the classroom, school, and community.
  • The academic and social development of thoughtful people is the business that schools are engaged in.
  • Teachers are guides along the educational journey. The educational path does not pass by but through and around content in different ways that make the journey through school an experience that will create new ways of looking and thinking about problems, issues, and life.
  • The role of the Teacher is similar to that of a cruise director; they must present material such that the students will get their brain out of its metaphorical seat and participating and engaging the subject matter.
  • Classes should be Student centered; with the Teacher as a facilitator, a guide down the path. A guide that must be willing to make the digressions into subjects that, while perhaps unrelated, serves to create thoughtfulness, wonder, and excitement about learning.
  • Teachers are also role models, mentors, community leaders, and responsible for the future of the community, country, and the world through their influence over the next generation.
  • A Teacher must exist in a constant state of learning in order to be an effective teacher.
  • Writing is an invaluable skill that should be taught and fostered at every educational level.
  • A writing teacher should write.
  • A reading teacher should read.
  • The two above items must happen where and when your students can see you.
  • Importance of community – in the class, within the school, and between teachers.
  • The necessity of flexibility – in my choices of assessments and  instructional strategies, and within the structure of the classroom.
  • Technology – I embrace the opportunities technologies create to engage, excite, differentiate, share and explore new ideas.
  • Strength in reading comes from practice; improvement comes with metacognitive strategies. These two things will help readers of every level.
  • I love to teach!
  • I love to learn!

What do you think? Share it here!

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