My brother

I saw my brother last week. I picked him up at work and we drove back to his apartment, talking about books, music, television shows, and movies. We have almost identical tastes in all of these things – there are genres that our interests don’t overlap on but basically our preferences match up. I love my brother. I know that, as family, I have to, but if we weren’t related I think that we’d still be close. We don’t hang out as much as I’d like, we live 45 min apart & are busy, but we at least talk pretty often. I admire my brother in a lot of ways. He is a musician, taught himself to play guitar (base and lead, electric and acoustic), drums, piano, some violin, and probably whatever other musical instrument he could get his hands on. He wrote and performed a song for my wedding – it brought tears to my eyes, it was sweet and funny and he was sick the day I was married but he went on anyway. He’s generous in a way I have a hard time being. Did that make sence? I think so. . . The point is that I love my brother and wanted to boast about him a bit.


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