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I started blogging at Blogger (link takes you to my Blogger blog). I use(d) WordPress in my classroom (a separate blog that the students use to write about what they are reading). When I started blogging more regularly I decided that WordPress was better suited for my needs and wants. I posted this poll (and information) when I first migrated over to WordPress but would like to see if I can get some more feedback. Which do you prefer: Blogger or WordPress? If you use one of these sites or another site to blog let me know and tell me what you like/dislike about it. If nothing else it is another place to get your blog address posted.

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  1. I’ve switched to wordpress, its more user friendly! Yes, free templates is cool in terms of blogger, but wordpress.com is more interesting in terms of blogging. I love the mobile facilities of wordpress and the other ones 🙂


  2. I tried Blogger for a while recently & while I loved the flexibility of the new template editor, I got sick & tired of all the error messages I kept getting while doing stuff. I came back to WP & feel that WP has better commenting & dashboard features as well as great stats features. Most of my bloggy pals are on WP & my site hits dropped dramatically when I went to blogger. I am happyu to stay with WP from now on.
    Greetingss from Tasmania


  3. I’ve used both. I still have blogs over on Blogger [now without the blogspot.com ending] and have moved my WP to self-hosted, but much prefer WP. Blogger is great if you are looking for no to low cost hosting and the ability to earn money from your blog. If making money is not an issue, the WP is a great option. The comment system on WP is better [hands down], plenty of themes, although there are some great freebies for Blogger as well. Many do not like Blogger so you may get more traffic on WP, too.

    Good luck to you.


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