Test post using Zemanta

I just found this new site/add-on extension for blogging. It suggests content for you to add to your posts. As you type it analyzes the content and updates the pictures and articles that may be related to what you are writing about. The Firefox add-on also works for email, though I’m not sure if I’d ever use that. It also will promote your blog by recommending your site to people on other Zemanta. I’m going to give it a try and see what I think. As I’m writing this there aren’t too many related picture/videos, there are articles about Zemanta and blogging which I think may be attached to this blog somewhere when I post it. You will also notice a “reblog” button at the end of this post. You can excerpt my post and re-post it on your own site by using this button.

This is what I see as I’m blogging with the Zemanta add-on: You see those orange boxes? Those are ‘in-text link’ suggestions. All the links within the text were suggested and automatically added with one click. Pretty handy.

Not a very interesting or exciting post but they can’t all be winners. . . or can they?

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  2. […] Test post using Zemanta (talesofan8thgradenothing.wordpress.com) […]


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