Review – “The Italian” by Ann Radcliffe

The Italian (Penguin Classics) The Italian by Ann Radcliffe

My rating: 3 of 5 stars
For those confusing Gothic and Horror be aware, they are not the same and you will be disappointed if you read The Italian looking for the fear to be direct – it isn’t.
A classic example of the sublime and Gothic. A young couple is finds love and is then torn apart by a mother who believes that Ellena is not good enough for her Vivaldi. With the help of her priest, the sneaky Schedoni, Ellena is kidnapped and, after a harrowing ride, delivered to a convent where she is held captive.
Radcliffe’s The Italian, is often described as quintessential Gothic. There are hints of the paranormal (typical in the Gothic genre), some of which are explained and some, well you’ll have to read it. The focus on the sublime (another mark of the genre) in the novel leads to some long-winded descriptions of the countryside and the uplifting effect it has on the character’s soul.

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