Teaching “Lord of the Flies” by Golding (part 1?)

[Click image to enlarge, click again to enlarge further.]

This is a reproduction of the poster that hangs in my classroom that I made using photos I took using my cell phone and the SmartBoard Notebook program. I sent the photos to my email, edited them with Picasa, and arranged them on in Notebook and then saved it as a jpeg file.

The students made themselves a bookmark with this information on it with space to take notes as they read William Golding‘s novel, Lord of the Flies. This is to help/guide/remind them to use it. The poster in the class is on chart paper and has plenty of room to take notes. As  you can see I spent a bit of time on this to make it look all fancy and such.

This is a great novel and the students really get into it. I keep telling them “If you were on the island, you would be the oldest kids there – remember that as you are reading.” It is also a great book to discuss symbolism; a concept that most of them are really just now developmentally able to grasp.

We’re not too far into the novel yet, they were assigned through chapter four for this Friday. The discussions have already been pretty good, especially as we looked at the opening of chapter three and talk about the change we see in Jack, how much time may have passed based on the clues given, and the conflict over priorities that is becoming evident.

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