How about some REAL news please?

This was born of a discussion on Facebook.

It is important for the people who live in the White House (whoever they are) to be able to take a break, just like everyone else. They work harder than us, have more responsibility than us, and more stress than us – their vacations should reflect that. Mrs. O said that we should visit the gulf-while she was there, so ‘yet they go to Maine’ isn’t really relevant they were there, and do you think that was really relaxing for them? {Not to mention the fact that they got grief for that trip too click here for that story} Being in the gulf shows the effort to make that connection – no, and I mean NO government official has anything in common with the ‘average’ American, they live differently, they have to in the case of the first family’s case.

And the Bush’s don’t own the part of Africa that the American people paid for Laura and daughters took a safari in 07′ That seems ‘insensitive’ in a time of war to me.

Where is/was the outrage over the lack of sensitivity over declaring “Mission Accomplished’ when it was so obviously not? Where is the outrage when Palin spend inordinate amounts of campaign money on clothes? Where is the outrage when the Repub’s were creating un-needed fear by making up ‘death panels”? Where is the outrage over denying rights to gay and lesbians? Where is the outrage over all the ridiculous party of NO? Stop acting like children please elected officials (on both sides, though the right seems a bit more belligerent about it) and work together!

With all the other issues going on in our country and the world Mrs. O’s trip to Spain is NOT NEWS – it is an opportunity (and Repub’s can’t seem to pass them up, no matter how trivial) to criticize. If the same effort was put into legislating I bet we could get a lot accomplished.



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  1. Posted by Mr. P on August 11, 2010 at 6:41 pm

    If you’re my FB friend you can see the conversation that sparked this here:


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