The assignment was to explode a moment. I had a hard time figuring out what to write about so I ended up sketching out a storyboard to help me.

The cold bleeds through my mittens and bites into my fingers. The snow is damp, perfect for packing into a cold, hard, orb. The snowball becomes smooth between my mittens, the black of the mittens contrasting with the effulgent snow as they slide back and forth over the hardening sphere. Stretch out my hand with the snowball in my palm, the sleeve of my heavy winter coat swooshing against my side. I look up, searching for a target, my eyes rake over the scenery. The world wrapped snug in a winter blanket of snow, there is not much to see. The brown stockade fence surrounding the perimeter stands silent sentry, each post wears a pure white cap upon its head. Hitting the fence would be no challenge; I continue to shift my gaze. There, I see a bright red knit cap bouncing in and out of view above the fence. I take careful aim and let fly just as a face appears. The hat is pulled tight, covering his eyebrows and much of his pale, crystal-blue eyes. This is probably why he did not duck out of the way of the speeding sphere of snow that was hurtling through the crisp air. It cut through the fog of breath created by the exhalation of the target, shedding pieces of itself. The splat of impact sounded like a six-year-old jumping with two feet into a puddle, and was accompanied by a muffled “oomph”, and my shout of triumph.


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  1. […] started the day talking about storyboarding. I showed my example (Exploding!!!) that I wrote for EDU 566 and talked about that I didn’t have to storyboard but that it helped […]


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