Review – “Eldest” by Christopher Paolini

Eldest (Inheritance, #2)Eldest by Christopher Paolini

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Eragon finishes his training with the elves and meets up with the resistance, while his cousin Roran manages to bring his entire village with him on his quest for vengeance. Eragon is turned pretty much into an Elf, including the heightened senses, strength, stamina, etc. Eragon joins the resistance just in time for a battle, which, with his newly mastered powers, is just in time. During the battle Eragon fights another Rider, much to his surprise, as he thought he was the only one, also to his surprise he beats Eragon, one last surprise it’s Murtagh whom Eragon had met, traveled with and liked. Turns out Murtagh was subjugated by Galbatorix and made to swear allegiance in the ancient language.

I had difficulty finishing this book. This was surprising since this is right up my geeky alley. It may have been due to my over indulgence in the genre. I try to balance out my reading diet by varying the genres from which I select books but sometimes I just let myself go and read all the sci-fi/fantasy I can. I think this is what happened here. Once I took a break and picked it up again I was fully engaged again.

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