Review – “The Templar” by Paul Doherty

The Templar (Templars, #1)The Templar by Paul Doherty

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Hugh and Godefroi, and Hugh’s younger sister, Eleanor, leave France, to join Count Raymond’s army, and march to Jerusalem to free it from the infidels.

This book is interesting due to the historical aspects if the story but the narrative wasn’t engaging. I found that it grew repetitive, the place might change but the actions are the same – the crusaders breach the wall surrounding a town/city somehow, murder, pillage, rape, and destroy, live there for a while until the resources are used up and then continue on their journey to Jerusalem. Very accurate I’m sure but, for me, it got old.

It takes place in 1095, and the reader learns a great deal about the life of the Crusaders and the reasons for marching to Jerusalem. The horrors that they bring to villages and that are visited upon the crusaders by the armies and people whose lands they march through are atrocious and described in gory detail.

Not to generalize, but this might be a good suggestion for a reluctant reader who is interested in history. The graphic nature of the descriptions would lead me to talk with the parents before putting the book into a student’s hands.

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