About me

I am a native of Maine, ayuh. I am very happily married. We live in South Portland with our daughter, our dog, and two cats.

I have a BA in English and a Masters of Education in Applied Literacy.

I love to laugh and do so easily and often. I love to make others laugh and attempt that often as well.

I am a voracious reader – watch the rss feed on the right (provided I update my Goodreads.com account) – if you have a book you really enjoyed let me know – I’ll probably have a page dedicated to books at some point.

I am a terrible speller, I ask my students for help when writing on the board. It always confounds them that their English teacher can be such a poor speller.

I am a pagan. We made this decision a couple years ago and have been discovering, adapting, and making up our own traditions. I’m sure I will blog about this subject so stay tuned.

I am a technophile. Gadgets intrigue me. My classes’ blog and use a wiki that I’ve set up to see assignments, download handouts, create content, and more.

Photography is something I have a great interest in. I relish taking photos from a different perspective, capturing a bit of nature on my SD card, and sharing what I know about photography with others. I started a photography club at school that meets once a week.

I truly enjoy nature; it recharges me. Camping is always a blast. Hiking/Snowshoeing (esp with Henry) has been a great way for my wife and I to spend time together. We snowboard, well we used to, I began a graduate program and now my wife is getting her MSW – this doesn’t leave time or money for getting to the mountain, but I hope to snowboard again some day. My love of nature also makes me very environmentally conscious, we recycle everything, started composting last year, and do our best to keep our impact low.

I absolutely love my job; teaching is everything I hoped it would be: interesting and monotonous, rewarding and exhausting, frustrating and inspiring, heartbreaking and uplifting, draining and exhilarating. I wake up each morning looking forward to starting my day doing something I love. I am very fortunate in this regard.

Finally, my wife. She makes me a better person, she’s my best friend, and I love her with all my heart. She makes me laugh, and I get great pleasure out of making her laugh. We knew right away that we were two pieces of the puzzle that fit together.

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