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Untitled 14 (Just kidding, this post is about naming posts, documents, and assigmnents in Google Classroom)

Google Classroom automatically organizes Google Drive for you!

When you post an assignment, a sub-folder is created in your Google Classroom folder in Google Drive.

I number all my assignments using different hundreds place for each unit (eg first assignment in unit one is 101, then 102… first assignment in unit two is 201, then 202 (Thanks Alice Keeler for this tip)). I use these numbers in the title of the post in Classroom, the name of the documents, and in when I enter the assignment into our online grading system. This makes it easy for students (and me) to make the connections between the post, the docs, and the grading system.


Doing this in the title of your Google Classroom post will allow you to sort the subsequent folders alphabetically, resulting in a chronological list of your posts.





Weekly Google Classroom Tips

Google for Education recently tweeted a link to a slideshow of weekly tips for using Google Classroom.

Now, this isn’t just a list of suggestions, they are based on what actually is happening in classrooms! This is something that you will come back to week after week!

Google Classroom Teacher tips

See the slideshow here:

You can access the slideshow by clicking here

Google Classroom – Edit PDF feature has downside!



The new option of editing PDF’s in Google Classroom is sweet – the math teachers in my building are excited! However. . .

On the iPad, when students click on any resource (even if it is a google document/slideshow) it opens in PDF editing with a “pencil” icon and an “open in” icon (see below) they need to click that “open in” icon in order for it to open in Google docs. I’ve been running into the issue where students are editing a PDF copy of the document instead of the shared google doc, which means I can’t collaborate at all and they can’t collaborate with each other.

It is just a matter of training the students to click that icon!


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